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Child & Adolescent Testing Services

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Both Dr. Klaver and Dr. Paul provide evaluation services to school-age children and adolescents for the following purposes:

1) Neuropsychological evaluation: the cognitive impact of various medical/neurological conditions

The presence of cognitive difficulties that are related to various conditions such as:

  • Head Injury/concussion

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Brain tumor/cancer (e.g., ALL, medulloblastoma)

  • Meningitis

  • Genetic/Chromosomal Disorders (e.g., Fragile X, Turner syndrome)

  • Prematurity/Prenatal drug exposure

  • Neurocutaneous Disorders (e.g., Neurofibromatosis)

  • Sickle Cell Disease/stroke

2) 2) Psychoeducational Evaluations: Testing for Learning Disabilities

  • Academic and general ability testing of both verbal and non-verbal skills can determine the presence of a learning disability

  • Children suspected of intellectual giftedness can obtain documentation needed for schools

  • Recommendations can be made to improve school performance and increase self-confidence

3) Evaluation of Attentional Disorders (ADHD)

  • Thorough assessment of the presence and extent of attentional problems

  • Treatment and academic-based recommendations can be made to improve school performance, as well as any co-occurring mood or behavioral difficulty

4) Baseline Testing of academic and/or cognitive abilities

  • Particularly useful with participation in contact sports (e.g., football, rugby, lacrosse)

  • Pre/post surgical evaluations (e.g., craniosynostosis, epilepsy)


Neurodevelopmental Testing


We provide neurodevelopmental evaluations to infants as young as 8 weeks of age. The purpose of these evaluations is to screen for potential developmental delays in the areas of receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor skills, and visual receptive skills. Caregivers remain in the room for the duration of the brief evaluation, provide information about perinatal, developmental, and medical history, and complete questionnaires to assess their child’s socioemotional, behavioral, and adaptive functioning. Dr. Klaver will assist parents in obtaining resources and early intervention services targeted to the specific areas of need.

Appropriate reasons for referral include:

  • Suspected developmental delays in motor and language skills

  • Medical/neurologic conditions (e.g., seizure disorder, genetic conditions, craniosynostosis, prematurity, prenatal drug exposure)

  • Kindergarten readiness evaluations




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